The Warrior of Peace



Signature Weapon and Other Weapons

Silver Axe and the Tribe Weapons



First Seen

Lost Wonderland: Sky of Wonders


Mika, Kaori, Azonia, Kasper, D. Sturridge, Sunnyshore, Blade, Geovanni, Levathian


Golden Makice (Ankarus Class), Dark Makice (Beserk Class), Leva-Makice (Ankarus Class)

Groups Associated With

The Warrior's Camp, Lost Continent Chief


Shanji Tribe Warrior

Full Info

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Wanshii Guru Power

Glanmir, Shaujin, Ankarus

Makice is the main character in the Lost Wonderlad Saga. Originally from the Friends of the Camp group, Makice is the '[[Chosen Ones|Chosen One]]' from Ridge Island. However, her enemies are [[Stiryan]] of [[Kungnir]], [[Lich]] of the [[Dark Rift]], [[Levathian]] of the [[Arigan Cliff]] and [[Quetzalcoatl]] of [[Mt. Kanji]]. All the crystals of the world have been stolen, and now Makice must have her friends from destruction. With the plan of evil in [[Diabolos]] of [[Ronarigo]]'s hands, Makice must stop all evil! Experience Makice's adventures as you save everyone from evil! The story continues in Lost Wonderland!

Power of AnkarusEdit

Main article: Power of Ankarus

With the power of Ankarus, Makice can become Golden Makice and Leva-Makice. Leva-Makice power is obtained by defeating Levathian for the 2nd time at Derana Caverns.

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