Lost Wonderland: Sky of Wonders
Feeling adventurous, the young warrior Makice sets out in search of the Sky of Wonders.

Original version published


Game Saga & Part

Part 1 in the Lost Wonderland: The Lost Continents trilogy

Starting Characters

Makice, Kaori, Mika, Azonia

Evil Alliances

The Fenrir Society, Stiriyan Council, Golden Royal Knights

Good Alliaces

The Friends of Camp, Chosen Ones, Wonderland Skies

Imperial Knights

GoldenWarPidgeot, Birdie 'Bird' Garuda

Evil Leader

Stiriyan and Marshatn

The wonderland has been lost....... now it is in the fate of your hands to save the continents from evil!


Powers of characters
Name of Character Fused with Ankarus Power Fused with Berserk power Fused with Leva-Power
Makice Gold Makice Dark Makice Leva-Makice
Kaori Magic Ankarus (Z-Class) Berserk Kaori Aqua Kaori
Mika Golden Grappler Shadow Aura Choker Shaujin Mika (Z-Type Water Mode)
Azonia Shining Thief Berserk Knife Hunter Shaujin Thief (D-Type Water Hunter)

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